Vsisystems software's motto is "Technology brought to the next level." However, our experience with Vsisystems and its products is more like getting into a time machine and setting the dial for 1997. Both the company's website and its software look they would be more at home there. Such is the case with their time clock software, Time Clock Manager Pro. While it performs the most basic function of clocking employees in and out, the software's interface is dated and in desperate need of a designer to at least give it the appearance of having been coded in the last decade.

It bears mentioning that Time Clock Manager Pro offers the most basic functionality to meet the minimum definition of time card software. However, it lacks almost all of the additional features that set the best time tracking programs apart from the rest. What Time Clock Manager Pro does have is the ability for employees to clock in and out at the beginning and end of their work shifts. Reports for these interactions are available but are only the most basic and don't have much to drill down into.

Time Clock Manager Pro also tracks sick and vacation days for absent employees. However, there is no functionality for vacation or sick time accrual. You will need to calculate these deductions by hand or export the information gathered by Time Clock Manager Pro into a third-party application that has the ability track such accruals. Either way, it's an extra step that could have been included in this program but wasn't.

This time card application gives you the option to take digital pictures of employees as they clock in and out. Other security measures include the ability to verify employees' fingerprints before they clock in or out. Both of these features require additional hardware that is only available from certain websites and services. It's unclear how well these add-ons work or how reliable the vendors are.

Time Clock Manager Summary:

At the end of the day, if you're going to invest in time card software, Time Clock Manager Pro will get the job done. However, we can't give it a strong endorsement because you can find all the features in Time Clock Manger Pro and more in every other product we reviewed. The lack of attention to detail and an outdated interface are only symptoms of a product that is not worth is price tag.

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Time Clock Manager Pro

Time Clock Manager Pro offers several security features, such as the ability to take pictures of those clocking in and to scan their fingerprints.

The software looks like it was programmed before the turn of the century and never upgraded since.

The Verdict:

Like most of the applications made by Vsisystems, Time Clock Manger Pro needs a great deal of work before we can give it any endorsement or recommend that you spend money on the software.